rubik's cube.

i am hooked to playing with rubiks cube recently. it all started when dekman (wifey's younger brother) bought the cube from toys'r'us. it came with a 7-step instruction on how to solve the cube. it was quite difficult at first to memorize the steps, but after awhile it got easier. i average 4-5 minutes now to solve it, still far from dekman's record of 2 min and 58 seconds!

the standard cube, originally invented by mr rubik of course, is a 3x3 cube with a total of six colours. this one is way easier to solve if compared to the mini version of 2x2 cube. until now i cannot quite figure out how to solve it. dah pusing sana, pusing sini tak dapat2, give up terus. ni belum test yang pyramid nyer version lagi! otak ni dah tua kot...

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