many faces of kia rio

we've been using a kia rio 1.4 hatchback for almost three years now. a lot people have been asking why we chose a kia instead of a toyota or a honda. actually for me, the car handles quite good, cuma pickup slow sikit jer. once dah sampai cruising speed (80-90kmh), sedap je bawak. it also comes with abs and ebd, cuma takde airbags jer. so far we've never faced major problems with it. cuma lately dia punya timing belt ada bunyi2 sikit.

it has a lot of potential too. tak caye tengok gambar2 yang berjaya di'google'kan nie.

teringin gak nak modify sikit2, but so far we've got some other stuff with higher priority. bila dah habis bayar laa kot, best sikit. sekarang ni keta tu bank yang punya lagi pun kan...

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