a little d.i.y

we've been having some problems with our neighbour's cat doing her 'business' at our yard for quite sometime now. finally we decided to take action on this and remove the smell once and for all.

our smelly yard 'before' condition

1. remove all existing sand and small stones, mix cement with sand and pour it to the yard.
2. save one spot for my golf putting hole, using a plastic container.

working with cement

3. apply another layer of cement, with less portion of sand in the mix. while waiting for the cement to dry, decorate with stones. we also put our palm prints on it (ala hollywood laa kononnya nie).

decorate with stones

4. wait for the whole thing to dry. the stones will 'stick' on the cement as they dry off.
5. remove the plastic container from the hole.
6. add flower pots and cute plants.

add some flower pots

in all, it cost us rm129:
- cement = rm17 per 50kg bag
- tools = rm 16
- stones = free (from nearby kemasik beach)
- decor = rm 96

the final product...walla!! (in your face, smelly cat!)


AzFiqs said...

Mantap la Bro..Nanti buat kat umah aku satu, tak besar sedang2 je utk court futsal..hehehe..

jnr said...

thanks! nanti aku bagi quotation untuk service aku ni.. hahaha. selamat berposa untuk korang sekeluarga..