work: away from the office

the past couple of weeks i have been away from the plant on training and workshop in KL. i attended a seminar on transformer maintenance at blue wave hotel in shah alam for three days, followed by a workshop in bangi for a week to complete one of the company's inititative this year. the seminar was interesting since the speaker is one of the respected ieee committee member, as well as a lot of networking sessions, especially dinners at shah alam club and the hotel's chinese restaurant.

the same cannot be said for the workshop though. it involved tedious activities of updating data into our database system, of which the working hours is from 9am to 10.30pm. perrghhh. but all is not bad as we managed to slip some fun actions along the way. hahaha. let the pictures tell the stories..

sporting activities like badminton, gym, and pool..

bowling at alamanda..

sup gear box at a restaurant near bangi (forgot the name laa)... yum yum!! kalau hirup dia punya lemak guna straw tu terus sampai ke otak beb...

alaaa, after this project back to the plant in paka. no boling, no sup gear box, no pool. isk isk isk.

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